$90 Fagor 3-in-1 Pressure Cooker

I have used my Fagor 670040230 stainless-steel 3in 1 6 quart multi cooker for almost a year now. I can’t really regret at all. It has used it for the many functions it serves. The slow cooker purpose, its allowing me to even cook at a relatively low temperature compared to the setting of the slow cooker. This has made me feel happy because my food is not overcooked.The function of the pressure used to make me nervous. This is by remembering my sister’s horror experience and my mother’s disaster. Surely when I understood my multi cooker, it has been wow. I never understood how long it takes to attain pressure. Therefore I got nervous it was yet to get closed.

This was very fine in that I came to realize that I needed to allow about twenty minutes to my estimated preparation time so as to allow it to fill up pressure then start cooking. After reading the reviews, I concentrated more on the 9pounds per square inch. I just realized that I was really correct and I didn’t need to step up the cooking time because of the (PSI) Pounds per square inch difference. I came into a conclusion that any recipe cooking for a certain number of minutes, say ten, I just needed to add some few seconds. So these days I use the preferred times for different recipes which results to perfectly cooked meals.


I also really love the function of browning different ingredients by the Fagor 670040230 stainless-steel 3 in 1 6 quart multi cooker. This not only assists in browning but also helps in getting the ingredients boiling during the close of the slow cooking. For the function of cooking rice, it’s nice and I am regulating the water I cook with. This is helping to reduce stickiness of the rice as it used to be before. It’s good too for the warming use. I really love this gadget. I got rid of my other slow cookware and the rice cookware and ensured that my Fagor 670040230 stainless-steel 3 in 1 6 quart multi cooker has a space in the kitchen. With it I don’t need the other cookers.


I just like the fact that this appliance is a multi task. This cookware is quiet especially when using it. To be sincere I can’t change my taste any more. I have to use Fagor 670040230 stainless-steel 3 in 1 6 quart multi cooker every now and then. This is because the possibilities are unending. In fact it has two ways i.e. low and high cooking styles. I have been using the high way and its okay.
The only challenge I found with the Fagor 670040230 stainless-steel 3 in 1 6 quart multi cooker is that it have a more diminished diameter compared to many slow cook wares. This did not work well when cooking a large piece of meat. The diminished diameter does not allow fixation of blender. I noticed that I had to insert my own which is dangerous for a when cooking. Despite the challenge I have preferred to stick to the one and the only one Fagor 670040230 stainless-steel 3 in 1 6 quart multi cooker in my home.

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